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insurance in crystal ball, coinsurance concept

Coinsurance Penalties & Haircuts

One of the most common, yet unknown, provisions in a commercial insurance contract is coinsurance. Review what it is and whether one can navigate around it.
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Two office coworkers are working within an office space with face masks on business interruption

Navigating Business Interruption and Shelter in Place Orders Under COVID-19 Pandemic

Business Interruption Losses Can CrippleYour Operations After a Loss SunPoint Public Adjusters Inc. (“SunPoint”) understands that business interruption and financial time element losses can be catastrophic to an insured and their operations after a  loss. The coverages are varied and inconsistent amongst the various insurers. Some are narrowly tailored for specific industries while others are […]
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A woman looks at her insurance claim on her computer screen

Warning Signs There May Be Problems with Your Insurance Claim

If you have to file an insurance claim with an insurer, you want that process to go quickly and smoothly.  After all, the resolution of the claim could be the only thing that will help you regain normalcy or operations.  Any delays or challenges with your insurance claim can make your situation even worse.  This […]
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A preferred vendor construction worker working on a project

Pitfalls of Preferred Vendor Programs

Insurers over the years have utilized various strategies to reduce their claim payouts. As policyholder advocates, we have found clients reaching out for help sharing experiences ranging from improper delays, valuation challenges, application of constrained policy interpretation, or flat out denials of covered claims. The delay, diminish, and/or deny mentality of insurers are becoming more and more […]
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A destroyed dock on the shore after hurricane dorian

Hurricane Dorian Insurance Claims Help

If you have suffered property damage due to Hurricane Dorian, negotiating a residential or commercial hurricane damage claim requires the right expertise.
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A house with roof damage after insurance settlement has been approved

Should You Accept Your Insurance Settlement After a Natural Disaster?

After a natural disaster, you may face many expenses like evacuation costs and replacing destroyed property. You need people who will fight for you.
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