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Woman hugging pet dog during a Wildfire Emergency

Saving Your Pet’s Life in the Event of a Wildfire

The following tips should help guide you through some necessary planning when it comes to the pets you love during a wildfire emergency. 
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Winter Roof Collapse

Things to know After Experiencing a Winter Roof Collapse

With winter storms leaving a trail of damage across the nation, incidents of roof collapse are just one of the unfortunate realities many policyholders are facing.
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Frozen Pipes in winter

Frozen Pipes Make Homeowners Question Whether Insurance Covers Pipe Bursting

The concern over frozen pipes and pipe bursting incidents is serious. Many policyholders are trying to understand exactly what their insurance covers. 
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What is a Public Adjuster

What Is A Public Adjuster And Should You Hire One?

In a recent Forbes Advisor article “What Is A Public Adjuster And Should You Hire One?”, author Jennifer Lobb discusses in-depth the role of a public adjuster.
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Earthquake damages

Earthquake Damages are Not Included in Regular Policies

If your property was impacted by an earthquake, how prepared would you be to financially address the damages? Unfortunately, most policyholders face this predicament.
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Professional Claims Help

Why Policyholders Are Better Off With Professional Claims Help

Who should you trust when there is so much at stake? A recent federal court decision indicated notable benefits of retaining professional claims assistance. 
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