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Pitfalls of Preferred Vendor Programs

Insurers over the years have utilized various strategies to reduce their claim payouts.  As policyholder advocates, we have found clients ...
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Hurricane Dorian Insurance Claims Help

Have You Been Impacted By Hurricane Dorian? If you have suffered property damage due to Hurricane Dorian, negotiating a residential or ...
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Should You Accept Your Insurance Settlement After a Natural Disaster?

After a natural disaster like a wildfire or hurricane, you may face many expenses like evacuation costs, finding new housing, ...
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What You Should Know About Filing a Claim After a Natural Disaster

Dealing with the effects of a wildfire, tornado, or other natural disaster can be overwhelming.  Faced with extensive loss or ...
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wildfire public adjuster

What Can a Public Adjuster Do For Victims of Wildfire?

With wildfires raging across California and the Amazon, home and business owners need to consider what they will do if ...
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Should I Use a Public Adjuster for Hurricane Insurance Claims?

Devastating hurricanes have battered the east coast and the southern United States over the last several years with Michael, Irma, ...
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