What Is A Public Adjuster And Should You Hire One?

January 10, 2023
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In a recent Forbes Advisor article “What Is A Public Adjuster And Should You Hire One?”, author Jennifer Lobb describes what happens when homeowners file an insurance claim, common concerns associated with the claims process and how a public adjuster can help. The article discusses in-depth the role of a public adjuster and the many benefits of hiring one. 

Homeowners Insurance Claims are Complex

Homeowners insurance claims are often complex, leaving policyholders unprepared to successfully manage the process and ensure a fair settlement payout results. The stress and emotions involved often detract devastated homeowners from their ability to confidently navigate the paperwork filing, negotiating, communicating and meetings involved in handling the insurance claim. Property value losses incurred along with the threat of additional financial loss due to a potentially unfair payout by the insurance company is a major concern for homeowners. 

According to the author, “A public insurance adjuster is an independent trained insurance professional that helps individuals with the homeowners insurance claim process.” What’s unique about hiring a public adjuster is they operate completely independent from the insurance company. They advocate solely on behalf of the policyholder, eliminating any threat of unfair payout by the insurer. Insurance companies are consistently inclined to protect their financial best interests by convincing policyholders to accept the lowest payout possible. In contrast, public adjusters perform a more detailed examination of property damage to secure the highest payout amount possible for the policyholder. 

Primary Role of a Public Adjuster

The article explains how the primary role of a public adjuster is to ensure claim settlements are fair and accurate. How this is accomplished is by utilizing professional training and specialized technology to carefully analyze claim worthy damages throughout the interior and exterior of the property. Public adjusters evaluate all the damages listed in their analysis and estimate repair costs. These cost estimates include the time required to repair or replace damaged structures and anything else eligible under the policy. 

Additionally, it is emphasized by the author how public adjusters serve in the role of educating and supporting homeowners throughout the entire claims process. They not only help policyholders understand their insurance policy better, but will track the claim, file important documents on time and liaise with the insurance company and anyone else involved for a more streamlined process. Public adjusters negotiate in place of policyholders, taking this task and responsibility out of their hands. Through their legal knowledge and expertise, negotiations are conducted to resist unfair settlement amounts by the insurance company.

Homeowners are encouraged to hire a public adjuster under many different circumstances. Generally speaking, anytime a policyowner wishes to ensure the most accurate payout amounts are applied to a claim, a public adjuster is the best resource. However, public adjusters are most beneficial when filing a large, high-value and complex claim. This could be the result of a major natural disaster, such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, earthquakes, etc. Homeowners lacking confidence in their insurance company’s management of their claim are encouraged to consider the value of hiring a public adjuster. Doubting the accuracy of a payout offer or needing assistance understanding the complex process itself is an adequate reason to hire an independent insurance professional. 

Finding and Hiring a Public Adjuster

Finding a public adjuster commonly occurs through personal recommendations from trusted individuals. However, there are also state and national associations listed online where homeowners can search the directory for licensed public adjusters in their area. Public adjusters connected with these state and national associations are required to meet strict membership requirements including compliance with codes of conduct and ethics. The cost of hiring a public adjuster will vary depending on the claim payout amount. 

Typically, public adjusters will charge a percentage of the total payout received after the claim is processed. However, there may be other fee structures, flat rates or hourly rates involved. Policyholders are encouraged to do their homework when locating a public adjuster and the payment estimates they can expect.

The article clearly defines the role and benefits of public adjusters. Public adjusters serve the best financial interests of the policyholder. In contrast, readers are informed of how insurance companies are likely to offer the bare minimum when policy claims are filed. Homeowners are commonly concerned of receiving the short end of the stick when it comes to payout amounts.  Public adjusters hold insurance companies accountable when qualifiable damages that ought to be counted towards the total amount in a payout are overlooked. The role and benefits of hiring a public adjuster are clearly in the best interest of homeowners as detailed in this article.

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