Things to know After Experiencing a Winter Roof Collapse

February 10, 2023
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With record snowfall and winter storms leaving a trail of damage across the nation, countless homes and businesses have taken a beating this cold weather season. Incidents of roof collapse are just one of the unfortunate realities many policyholders are facing, and must be quickly addressed and handled with the utmost care.

Next Steps After a Property Roof Collapse

It’s important to immediately vacate the property without going back inside as much as possible. The structural damage caused by the collapse could have a ripple effect on other parts of your home or building. The integrity of the structural system needs to be carefully assessed and an estimate provided to ensure roofing and structural stabilization is regained and proper reinforcements are made. 

A roof collapse could result in leaks from broken gas lines and damaged electrical wiring. Roofing structures typically contain critical infrastructural exhaust flues and vent pipes built into the property’s HVAC system. It’s important to make arrangements right away for an alternative place to stay or conduct business until the property is safe to re-occupy. 

Roof Collapse Tips

It’s easy to feel helpless as a policyholder facing this unfortunate situation. However, there are some action steps you can take to do your part in the recovery process. 

1. Document the Damage — If it’s possible and safe to do so, try to take as many photos and videos as you can immediately following the damage. This helps you have additional images when interacting with your insurance company or public adjuster. Having as much evidence on hand as possible protects you from your insurance claim denying accurate payout for damages sustained.

2. Review your Policy — Go through your insurance policy and highlight any areas you don’t understand or need clarification on. Keep all correspondence with your insurance company documented.

3. Don’t Assume — Don’t make assumptions on what is or is not covered by your current insurance policy. Although most weather-related property damage is covered, certain stipulations may apply, restricting your coverage eligibility. 

4. Contact a Public Adjuster — Consider contacting a qualified public adjuster to step in on your behalf and manage the outcome of your claim with your insurance company.

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