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Kids with pumpkins in Halloween costumes

Sunpoint Public Adjusters & JAKKS Pacific Launch Halloween Costume & Treat Giveaway to Affected Families of the California & Pacific Northwest Wildfires

We are teaming once again with JAKKS Pacific, Inc. to provide Halloween costumes and treats to families that have been impacted by wildfires in California and Pacific Northwest.
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Portrait of Duckhorn Portfolio Sean Sullivan in front of a shelf of wine

Duckhorn Portfolio Recognizes SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc.

SunPoint had the honor of representing Duckhorn Winery on a complicated insurance matter. We're honored their team acknowledged our dedication to our clients.
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Man pointing at insurance settlement information on tablet with fire background

3 Important Tips for Negotiating Insurance Settlement After Property Damage

Many policies provide coverage for forced or mandatory evacuations under certain conditions. Discover the right steps to evaluate your options and take the right steps.
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A large cloud of smoke from a wildfire that will cause Business Interruption

The Inner Workings of Business Interruption Coverages

Businesses' interruption losses can cripple your operations after a physical loss. Learn the inner workings of business interruption coverages.
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insurance in crystal ball, coinsurance concept

Coinsurance Penalties & Haircuts

One of the most common, yet unknown, provisions in a commercial insurance contract is coinsurance. Review what it is and whether one can navigate around it.
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Two office coworkers are working within an office space with face masks on business interruption

Navigating Business Interruption and Shelter in Place Orders Under COVID-19 Pandemic

Business Interruption Losses Can CrippleYour Operations After a Loss SunPoint Public Adjusters Inc. (“SunPoint”) understands that business interruption and financial time element losses can be catastrophic to an insured and their operations after a  loss. The coverages are varied and inconsistent amongst the various insurers. Some are narrowly tailored for specific industries while others are […]
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