Experts Prepared To Assist Laguna Niguel Victims With Logistics, Recovery, and Impacts From The Coastal Fire

May 13, 2022
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SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. Experts are Available as Resource for Media and Public

As anticipated, California’s long drought has advanced “fire season” along the Orange County coastline. A current brushfire in the city of Laguna Niguel, just south of Los Angeles, is already proving to have a significant impact on the community, individual homes, and businesses.

As of Friday, May 13, the blaze remains just 15% contained with 20 homes destroyed, 11 homes damaged and at least 200 acres burned. Concerns that this is only the beginning loom large. Temperatures over the coming days are expected to be 10 to 15 percent above mid-May averages for the region.

Experts from SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. are prepared to help local residents, businesses, and property owners meet the challenges of dealing with insurance companies in preparing and proving their claims so they can achieve optimal recovery in a timely manner.

Insurance companies do not work solely on behalf of those they ensure – they are also working to protect their bottom line. Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit entities that have internal and external stakeholder interests to protect, and their claims adjusters are tasked with mitigating the insurer’s financial losses. This naturally creates a conflicting agenda for insurers and their policyholders. It is critical that property owners affected by wildfires have an advocate on their side as well, ensuring they are treated fairly and compensated for the full value of what they have lost.

Public Adjusters are the recognized experts in this field, licensed by the California Department of Insurance to advocate solely on behalf of the insured. Public Adjusters work with property owners to properly prepare, present, and negotiate their claims with the insurance company to achieve the settlement they are rightly owed.

“Insurance company adjusters and their vendors work for insurance companies, not you,” said Greggory A. Clifford, President, and CEO of SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. “They are paid to protect the financial interests of the company. No matter how hard they try, they cannot serve two masters, and this puts the person that has suffered a loss at a huge disadvantage. It is why Public Adjusters are licensed — we create a balance to the system — the 800-pound gorilla keeping the insurance companies honest.

“We employ all the experts necessary to properly prepare and resolve a claim so our clients can focus on what’s important, getting their lives back and moving forward. Our efforts always result in a much higher recovery because we know what is needed to get the claim resolved properly.”

Experts from SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. are available to discuss the logistics of dealing with wildfires and damage to personal property, including:

·      Understand the impacts of mandatory evacuations on homeowners and businesses 

·      Understand the roles of everyone after a fire (the family, the carrier, public adjusters, attorneys, contractors, restoration companies, the government, demo and debris clean-up companies, etc.)

·      Understand how policies “really” payout 

·      Options you have (rebuilding your home, replacing your home, cashing out, doing nothing) and how those options affect your financial recovery 

·      How to prepare a claim for your home, personal property, etc., and how to avoid the land mines that are being set for you 

·      Understand your policy – the different coverages and how they “really” work 

·      Should you let government entities do the clean-up and give them the right of entry?

·      Temporary Living Expenses – How it Works

If you’re interested in learning more about the insurance claim process or how a Public Adjuster can help in the wake of a disaster, email or call us toll-free at (888) 247-7865.