Safeguarding Your Upscale Vacation Home

May 19, 2022
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For many, owning a vacation home is a lifelong dream. Whether it’s a bungalow on the beach or a chalet in the mountains, having a place to get away for summers or holidays means years of wonderful memories and experiences.

Vacation homes also come with some specific complexities. Since they are often located far away from your primary residence, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everything happening (natural disaster or otherwise) when you’re not there. Additionally, if you decide to loan or rent your home, the risk of damage is increased with each visitor.

Have a Plan for your Vacation Home in the Event of a Catastrophe

As with any investment, the best way to protect your vacation property is to have a plan in place, before you’re faced with a catastrophe. Add SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. to your homeowner’s file so you will know exactly who to contact should you ever have a need to submit an insurance claim.

Work with an Experienced Public Adjuster

Traditional insurance adjusters and claim examiners do not actually work for you. They work for the insurance companies they represent. Public adjusters, on the other hand, represent the policyholder, and are experts in:

– Property claims adjustment
– Claims dispute and resolution
– Handling delayed and/or underpaid claims

The claims process can be overwhelming and incredibly time-consuming. A public adjuster will relieve you of the burden of dealing with a property damage claim by thoroughly examining policy coverages, preparing, and presenting submissions, gathering documentation, and presenting the complete claim to the insurer. They then use their years of experience to negotiate the most beneficial recovery on your behalf.

SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. Advocates Only for the Insured’s Benefit

SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. (“SunPoint”) is the “Gold Standard” of the Public Adjusting industry. We comprehensively review and evaluate your insurance settlement, immediately deploy a team of experts to assess and quantify your damages and customize a strategy around your personal recovery to promptly and properly maximize the resolution of your claim.

Our in-house and other veteran experts are experienced in quantifying and negotiating building, personal property, inventory, or other additional coverages. We work solely on your behalf to favorably resolve your claim. Our experts ensure your insurance company does not delay, diminish, or deny benefits that are rightfully owed to you. Industry experts agree that having a public adjuster like SunPoint on your side early in the process expedites and maximizes your recovery.

Our team of experts has been advocating on behalf of policyholders for decades. We have handled, managed, and successfully navigated claims ranging from homeowner losses; corporate losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars; disaster losses involving government entities and entire municipalities; agricultural and recall losses, and virtually any type of disaster claim that could be imagined.

Our team of Public Adjusters, building cost consultants, inventory specialists, forensic accountants, equipment consultants, and many other experts make up a group unmatched in our industry. It is easy to be big. But it takes dedication every day to be the best – we have that dedication. Our goal is aligned with yours. To obtain a free insurance settlement assessment of your specific circumstances and recovery please contact us to strategize your optimal means of recovery.