Defending Your Home Against Wildfires

June 5, 2023
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Wildfires pose a significant threat to both human lives and property. As environmental change continues to increase the frequency and intensity of these devastating events, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect your home.

Methods for Wildfire Home Defense

These are some essential steps to help you prepare your home, ensure the safety of your loved ones, and safeguard your property:

Create a Defensible Space 

Creating a defensible space starts by clearing away dead vegetation, dry leaves, and debris within a radius of at least 30 feet from your house. Trim tree branches within 10 feet of any structure, including your roof. Regularly maintain your lawn and remove any dead or dying plants. 

Protect Windows and Vents 

Windows and vents are vulnerable points where flying embers can enter your home during a wildfire. Install fire-resistant shutters or window coverings to prevent flames from breaching your windows. Additionally, cover all vents, including attic and foundation vents, with mesh screens that have a maximum quarter-inch opening. 

Clear Gutters and Roofs 

Regularly remove leaves, needles, and other debris from gutters and roofs to reduce the risk of sparks and embers igniting dry materials. Trim tree limbs that overhang your roof and ensure your roof is made of fire-resistant materials such as Class A asphalt shingles, metal, or tile.

Maintain an Emergency Water Supply 

Equip your property with a reliable outdoor water source, such as a well or swimming pool, that firefighters can use if needed. Install hoses that are long enough to reach all corners of your property and keep them connected to a water source at all times. 

Develop an Evacuation Plan 

Prepare and practice an evacuation plan with your family to ensure everyone knows what to do during a wildfire. Identify multiple escape routes and establish a designated meeting point. Pack an emergency kit with essentials like important documents, medications, clothing, food, and water. 

Secure Flammable Items 

Remove flammable items, such as firewood stacks, gas cans, and propane tanks, from the immediate vicinity of your home. Store them at least 30 feet away and ensure they are in fire-resistant enclosures. Additionally, move vehicles into garages or open spaces away from structures, ensuring they face outward for a quick evacuation.

Preparing your home for a wildfire is an investment in the safety of your loved ones and your property. Remember, staying informed and taking action ahead of time is crucial in the face of this increasing threat. Stay safe and prepared! 

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