Can a Public Adjuster Help With a Renter’s Insurance Claim?

August 15, 2019
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The interior of a modern home for renter's insurance purposes

Renters with insurance have certain rights. If you have suffered property loss due to damage that occurred in your rented home, it might be helpful to hire a public adjuster to help you with that renter’s insurance claim. This is especially true if many of the items that were damaged were very expensive, such as furniture or electronics. Sometimes the insurance company is going to try to short-change you with your claim. Having the right public insurance adjuster by your side will make sure you get exactly what you are owed to replace that lost or damaged property, even if you are a renter in this situation. 

A Public Adjuster Can File Your Claim Correctly

When you are filing a renter’s insurance claim, you need to make sure it’s done right. Otherwise, you might not get all the funds you need to replace or repair your property. A public adjuster is used to all the ins and outs of filing those claims, including the very complex paperwork that goes along with the process. 

If everything isn’t done exactly the right way, you run the risk of not getting the settlement you deserve. You may even struggle financially to replace everything that was lost with a settlement that doesn’t cover all your needs. 

Your Renter’s Insurance Policy is Just as Important as Homeowners Insurance

Luckily you have done the right thing by having a renter’s insurance policy. It’s just as important as having homeowners’ insurance. Many renter’s don’t have this type of insurance policy. Sometimes private landlords don’t require their renter’s to have this type of insurance, or they just leave it in the hands of their renter’s. Many apartments or condo complexes, often as a part of the lease, require through the terms that the tenant purchases a renter’s insurance policy. 

A Public Adjuster Can Help You Document Your Lost Possessions

The hardest part of the process of filing your claim is that it needs to be done right away within a very short amount of time. A public adjuster will be able to help you document all of your lost possessions so that you get the highest settlement claim provided by your insurance company. The adjuster will be able to think of things that you may not have as the renter. They are used to filing these types of renter’s insurance claims all the time. Having their clients get the full amount to replace damaged or lost property is the goal. 

Emotions run high when you have lost things that are important to you. Being distracted or sad by the lost items won’t help you get them back and might actually lead you to make mistakes if you handle this insurance filing process all by yourself. Think of the public adjuster as the ones who are in your corner fighting to get what is owed to you. You’ll be able to put your life back together after this difficult time much easier with their expertise. 

The Cost to Hire a Public Adjuster for Your Renter’s Insurance

The cost will vary per state or public adjuster, but usually, they take a percentage of the settlement. 10-20 percent is normal, but keep in mind that since they will usually get you the maximum amount back, the fee for their services is well worth it. 

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