Why You Need a Claim Strategy Before Filing an Insurance Claim

January 15, 2019
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You’re a responsible business owner. You’ve paid your insurance premiums for years. You’ve always made your payments on time and have made no attempt to withhold from them. Now, when you experience an unexpected loss, you send in an insurance claim and expect to receive full coverage for your losses. Your insurance broker assured you that in the case of a disaster, your losses will be covered and that the coverage would be dispensed in full- in a timely fashion.

If you enter into the insurance claim process without a plan, you may be in for a harsh dose of reality. Your insurance provider will deploy their own in-house claim adjuster to review your claim and come to conclusions about what coverage you deserve. The insurance company’s claim adjuster will scrutinize your policy and develop a description of the disrupting event which will allow the insurance company to pay as little as possible to cover your losses.

Worse still, if the insurance company’s adjuster discovers any compliance issues- anything that disqualifies you from receiving coverage- you will be denied. This is a painful situation that many people experience every day. But when it happens to business owners like you- you are not the only one who suffers. The dissolution of your business can put your employees out of a job, thwart the hopes of shareholders and damage your reputation as a professional in your industry.

Remember, the vast majority of businesses will fail. Too often, what spells the end for so many enterprises is an unexpected disaster- and the refusal of an insurance company to do their part. When you file a claim, your insurance provider will send out a claims adjuster. All too often, business owners do not have a plan. They simply file their claim and wait for the adjuster to arrive and slash their claims to pieces.

That’s why you need a claim strategy and the representation of an insurance claim professional who will negotiate with the insurance company’s adjuster to fight for your best interest.

A public adjuster is an insurance claim adjuster who works for you. You would be surprised how many people think that only the insurance company has adjusters! The insurance company does not want you to know that you need and deserve the same representation that they get when you file a claim.

Going into the insurance claim process without your own claims adjuster is like going to court without a lawyer. You can be sure that the other side is represented by someone who understands insurance claim law and practices through and through.

Your public adjuster will work closely with you to develop a claim strategy. The claiming strategy you and your adjuster create will be designed to counter the insurance company’s attempts to deny you coverage.

Your claims strategy will be carefully crafted to mitigate your weaknesses, such as non-covered damages and non-compliance issues. It will also bolster your strengths as outlined in the policy that you pay your hard-earned money for. A claim strategy is a defense plan, that only a public claims adjuster can create. Without it- the insurance company will take advantage of you.

Hire a Public Adjuster for Your Insurance Claim

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