What Can a Public Adjuster Do For Victims of Wildfire?

September 4, 2019
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Greenery that is set on fire due to wildfire

With wildfires raging across California and the Amazon, home and business owners need to consider what they will do if this devastating natural disaster impacts them. Your insurance adjuster isn’t going to look out for your interest — they work for the insurance companies that have to pay your insurance settlement. However public adjusters are paid by you to look out for your best interest.

Why You Need a Public Adjuster After a Wildfire

Fires are devastating, even if your family or employees get out safely. In the aftermath of the fires themselves, soot, char, and water and structural damages make filing a property insurance claim difficult. Licensed and bonded public adjusters can negotiate your claims for property damage and other losses cause by a wildfire.

Insurance companies create complicated claims processes. By hiring public adjusters, such as Sunpoint Public Adjusters, you get expert help when you need it the most.

When Should You Call a Public Adjuster?

Smoke deposits damaging hydrochloric acid that can corrode the structure of your home or business. Also, the heat of the fire drives smoke into every area of the building, damaging the contents. Smoke damage affects the structural material of the building as well as sensitive electronics and mechanical equipment. You should call a public adjuster as soon as it’s safe to go inside the building. They will examine the damage for themselves and help you file the claim. 

Your public adjuster:

  • Navigates the claims process, which can be complex, and makes sure you file all the information needed.
  • Follow up with the insurance company if the claim isn’t moving fast enough.
  • Acts as an advocate to get you an equitable settlement.
  • Fights for your rights if the insurance company denies your wildfire claim
  • Fights for a just settlement if the insurance company underpays your claim

Types of Insurance Coverage for Wildfires

A group of firefighters putting out a wildfire natural disaster

To make the most of your insurance settlement, public adjusters assess your insurance claim to see the types of coverage you have. Your homeowners or business insurance policy may include:

  • Property in the buildings or within 100 feet of the covered premises. This may include office furniture, inventory, and equipment.
  • Business interruption covers you if your business’ operations are closed due to damage caused by wildfires. This can include operating costs, payroll expenses, and loss of income.
  • Other expenses due to restoring and rebuilding your business property and improvements.
  • Damage to your home and outbuildings caused by fire, smoke, or soot.
  • Personal belongings such as clothing, electronics, and other items.

The public adjuster helps you assess the cost of emergency assistance and determine the value of your claim. This gives you the fuel you need to fight the insurance company if they come back with a low insurance settlement. If you have questions about your coverage, ask your public adjuster to go over the policy with you. It’s important to understand what you may be entitled to. By carefully determining what your policy covers, Sunpoint Public Adjusters can help you get back the maximum amount in your insurance settlement. Contact us today!