Clear Signs That Your Insurance Claim Process Will Be Challenging

May 5, 2019
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Few things are as important to us as having a home, a shelter to live and be safe in. So when it has been damaged, whether by flood, fallen tree, or something else, it’s understandable for a homeowner to want and have the insurance company to pay out a settlement as quickly as possible so that repairs can be made and the property returned to how it was before the damaging incident.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always act as efficiently and effectively as we might hope. The following are a few premature signs that your insurance claim process may take longer than normal. Knowing these signs is important because if you act swiftly when you notice them and hire a public adjuster, you can help resolve the issues and expedite the process. 

  • You have been waiting for months for a decision. If your insurance claim was made following a major disaster impacting, then it is understandable if the process takes a couple of weeks. However, if the damage caused was by an accident that did not impact neighboring homes or if it has been longer than 90-days, then something is wrong and it’s time to contact a third-party for assistance, such as a public adjuster. Check your state laws as most will have regulations that require insurance companies to act within an allocated timeline. For example, Florida requires insurance companies to touch base with policyholders within 14 days of their submitting a claim and to either provide a settlement or deny the claim within 90 days of submission.
  • The insurance companies ask you to record a statement. Asking for a recorded statement is unusual in a policy claim and generally indicates that the insurance company is looking for a reason to deny a claim. If you make a mistake and submit something in error in the recorded statement, then it can be used as grounds for denying a claim.
  • The insurance company tells you that your claim is “under investigation”. When requesting an update on a policy claim, the usual response is that the claim ‘is being processed.’ If instead of this, you hear that it is under investigation then you should prepare to take action. This is because a claim that is under investigation generally means that the insurance company believes that the damage has been caused by something other than what was listed on the claim. If you hear the words “under investigation” then you should strongly consider hiring a public adjuster who will investigate the damages and submit a record and estimate to back up your claim.

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