Jarvis Family Appreciates Advocacy by Masood Khan of SunPoint Public Adjusters

June 2, 2021
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During the 2017 wildfires, the Jarvis Estate sustained substantial damage. Will Jarvis, Jr., realized after working with his insurance company that he was a seasoned wine proprietor, however, the claim process of recovering what was owed to them under their policy and handling their complicated insurance issues were outside their area of expertise. They needed an advocate on their side. The Jarvis Family reached out to Masood Khan, Executive Vice President, at SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc., who has extensive experience in dealing with large claims, particularly estate, winery, hospitality, and other complicated commercial losses as a public adjuster. SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. are professional loss consultants, commonly known as public insurance adjusters, who advocate exclusively for policyholders’ interests. 

Will Jarvis and the family selected Mr. Khan to assist and resolve the Jarvis Family’s insurance claim. Will Jarvis noted that Masood, lead public adjuster at SunPoint,properly measured, evaluated and negotiated our claim – fighting off the insurance company’s adjusters, consultants, and lawyers.” Mr. Jarvis affirmed thatwith your experience and expertise, we were able to legitimately maximize our recovery. Hiring a professional public adjuster early on in the process is the most prudent decision for anyone with a large claim. I do not believe anybody should undertake the burden of handling a large claim without a seasoned public adjuster.Mr. Jarvis further stated that we engaged your services late in the process, which put you at an initial disadvantage. However, the late start did not prevent you and your team from succeeding and achieving a very favorable outcome. I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone who suffers an insurance loss.”

The Jarvis Family Story: https://www.jarviswines.com

William Jarvis was born in Oklahoma, a dry state! It wasn’t until the Navy took him to California that he enjoyed wine for the first time, and he probably appreciated it more at that time than those who grew up with wine.

After attending Annapolis and serving in the Navy, William continued his studies in both technical and liberal arts for eight more years at the University of California Berkeley, Stanford, and various French universities. Turning to business, he headed his own telecommunications company in Silicon Valley.

Leticia Jarvis was born in Puebla, Mexico where she finished her college degree and met William.

After their marriage, William and Leticia traveled and studied abroad, finally adopting France as a part-time residence. For many years, they maintained a Louis XIV Chateau in the Vesle Valley near Reims in Northern France. The two spent time at French universities concentrating in their shared interest, French literature. William and Leticia also enjoyed the many wines found in the different regions they visited, eventually gravitating to the fine Bordeaux reds and Montrachet whites.

Not to neglect Leticia’s Spanish culture, Leticia, William and their young son William, spent summer months in Spain. There they studied Spanish literature at Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain, and also came to appreciate Spanish wines and Zarzuela (Spanish Opera).

The two eventually acquired a weekend estate in Napa and slowly immersed themselves in the culture of winemaking. They first spent time studying how to best plant a vineyard. Next came a careful 10 years nurturing the vineyard and finally the winery itself. Built underground to provide the desired cool, humid conditions, the winery utilizes a combination of rotary fermenters and classic oak curves from Cognac to help create the Jarvis Estate signature style of wines. The Family acquired their Napa, CA property as a weekend home. They quickly recognized the property’s promise for growing exceptional grapes, providing the couple the opportunity to make their own world-class wine. Thus, the estate became their primary residence, and Napa became the community in which they immersed themselves via wine, philanthropy, and the opening of Jarvis Conservatory downtown, as well as the place they raised their son, Will. Today, 28 years after their first vintage, Will Jarvis, Jr. oversees all winery and vineyard operations as president.

About SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc.: SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. are professional loss consultants, commonly known as Public Adjusters. We are licensed in over 30 states to represent the interest of policyholders after a disaster. Our team consists of industry-expert Licensed Public Adjusters, construction experts and estimators, inventory specialists, Certified Forensic Accountants, equipment, and machinery experts. Our role is to prepare, present, and favorably negotiate the claim with only our client’s best interest at heart. Unlike insurance companies, we are advocates only for the insured. Our team ensures you are properly represented and gets the recovery necessary to make you whole after a loss. We focus on your insurance claim so you can focus on rebuilding your home, your business, and your life.

About Masood Khan: Masood brings decades of insurance, legal, and claims expertise to the clients at SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. In his former role as an insurance adjuster, attorney, and now public adjuster Masood utilizes his in-depth knowledge of the industry from the perspective of both an insurer and insured. Masood shares his passion for advocating on behalf of commercial professionals and homeowners who have suffered catastrophic losses and need a professional and dedicated advocate on their side to even the playing field. Masood’s attention to detail, industry expertise and unwavering commitment to adding a personal touch to every insurance claim has created a legacy of gratitude and praise by previous clients who have become lifetime friends.