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September 15, 2019
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A destroyed dock on the shore after hurricane dorian

Have You Been Impacted By Hurricane Dorian?

If you have suffered property damage due to Hurricane Dorian, negotiating a residential or commercial hurricane damage claim requires expertise, perseverance, strategy, and skills to navigate the complicated process of successfully resolving your insurance claim. We have a deep bench of seasoned adjusters and other experts who have collectively resolved thousands of disaster losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

We Are Very Experienced Public Adjusters

Our senior adjusters have between 25 and 35 years of experience each evaluating, documenting, and successfully negotiating complicated large insurance claims. Having SunPoint Public Adjusters Inc. (“SunPoint”) as trusted advocates on your side early in the process will help expedite your recovery. We will take the burden off you so you can resume business operations or rebuild/replace your home or property. We know the issues. We have the resources. We are the Gold Standard of effectively and expeditiously maximizing your claim recovery.

There is no standard checklist of items that one can utilize as each recovery is unique and must be tailored to your specific needs. On residential claims, it is important to immediately document your damages, obtain temporary housing or fair compensation for such expenses, inventory your personal property, measure building scope, and costs, and promptly present to the insurer for claims adjustment. This shifts the burden from the insured to the insurer to finalize the recovery.

Similarly, prompt documentation and evaluation of commercial claims are important. However, they present distinct challenges. In business losses, incurring extra expenses that are beyond the scope of ordinary expenses in order to either relocate temporarily or permanently is a covered expense and a bucket of coverage, if available, to be effectively maximized. Even though under commercial policies your insurer may typically owe coverage benefits for business interruption losses, identifying strategies to properly effectuate extra expenses helps a business retain customers and minimize the suspension of operations.

We are Experts at Evaluating Insurance Policies

Hurricane losses present unique issues such as evaluating multiple policies to ensure there is no coverage gap. For instance, some damages may be covered under a flood or storm surge policy. Other damage may be covered under wind or hurricane policy. In addition, deductibles under hurricane policies are typically a percentage of either the policy limits or loss amount. Negotiation of this critical issue can materially affect your outcome. There are various other unique loss circumstances implicated in hurricane losses that require effective strategies we employ to help you recover from the devastating damages.

We comprehensively review and evaluate your policy, immediately deploy a team of experts to assess and quantify your damages, and customize a strategy around your personal recovery to maximize the resolution of your claim. Our in-house and other veteran experts are experienced in quantifying and negotiating building, personal property, inventory, stock, business interruption, extra expense, loss of use, and other additional coverages. We work solely on your behalf to favorably resolve your claim.

Your Insurance Company’s Adjuster Represents the Insurance Company. We Represent You.

We are the Gold Standard of the industry. Our experts will ensure your insurance company does not delay, diminish, or deny benefits that are rightfully owed to you. Industry experts agree that having a public adjuster like SunPoint on your side early in the process will expedite and maximize your recovery. Our goal is aligned with yours. To obtain a free assessment of your specific circumstances and recovery please contact us as noted below.