How a Public Adjuster Can Help You Manage the Claims Process

January 7, 2019
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Imagine a worst-case scenario: your production spaces or street-facing showroom is consumed by fire, or your IT room is flooded after a tropical storm hits the coastline, or lightning strikes a transformer and fries electrical equipment all throughout your facility. Developing a claims process is a top priority.

Depending on your business model and insurance needs, you may be thinking that you’ll be okay- or maybe you’re uncertain if you could weather a major disruption or loss of capital. So you begin to look over your insurance policy. You think, “I’m pretty sure we’re covered for that.” Maybe you’ve bought all of the coverage available and paid all of your premiums on time for years. If that’s the case, you probably believe you’re covered in the case of a disaster. But the truth is, like many business owners before you, coverage may be denied to you for reasons you did not anticipate.

A worried business owner looking over his business loss during his claims process

After disaster strikes, and you file your claim- your insurance provider will send a claims adjuster. His job is to find any and all reasons to deny you the coverage you expect. That’s why you need a public adjuster to stand in your corner and fight for you.

There are many reasons your claim may be denied. You may have waited too long to file. Your insurance company may have lost your claim- yes, that does happen. You may have reached your coverage limit. Perhaps you did not document the damage, or the insurance company’s adjuster may find that you did not comply with the rules of the policy.

There are many reasons your insurance provider may deny you coverage. Sometimes their reasons are legitimate, and sometimes they are faulty. The job of a public claims adjuster is to scrutinize your policy, determine any potential flaws with your claims process, and to develop a strategy that will optimize your chances of getting the maximum coverage for your losses. When you hire a public adjuster, he or she will go head to head with your insurance provider’s adjuster and negotiate on your behalf.

A public adjuster will:

File your claim: You should call a public adjuster before you file your claim with your insurance provider, your adjuster will file your claim properly to ensure you get the maximum payout for each policy. If you have filed your claim already, or have been handed an unfair settlement- a public adjuster can reopen your claims process.

Evaluate your loss: Your public adjuster will inspect the damage to your property and draft a detailed report. This report will include the verifiable values of all items lost or damaged in order to support your claim.

Communicate directly with the insurance company: Your public adjuster will handle all steps and communications throughout the claims process, so you can focus on restoring your property. Your public adjuster will deal with your insurance provider directly and handle all communications and procedures for you throughout the claims process- allowing you to focus on restoring and maintaining your business.

Advocate for you: Your public adjuster will advocate on your behalf using all legal means available to fight for a full, fair, and timely settlement.

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