3D Scanning Improves Interior Property Damage Evaluations

September 16, 2022
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Getting accurate documentation and valuation is imperative when facing interior property damage and the details of your insurance claim depend heavily on a thorough analysis. The importance of the evaluation and recovery process cannot be overlooked. Your settlement outcome relies on a transparent, accurate, and fair inspection.

3D scanning technology makes this possible, assisting property owners and public adjusters alike.

What often results is an expedited, cost-savings claims process.

Matterport: Advanced Technology for Documenting Damages

SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. uses 3D scanning technology through an innovative device, known as Matterport. Using this resource offers a significant advantage in determining eligibility for recovery settlement claims. Your property can undergo a 360-degree angle shot of each room or building experiencing damages using this advanced resource.

Useful in Negotiating a Higher Settlement with your Insurance Carrier – Documenting high-detailed imagery helps ensure estimates are fully complete and nothing is missing in your claim. Using Matterport footage saves exhaustive verbal explanations of the damages by showing exactly how the condition and state of the interior. Coming to an agreement is much easier when armed with this particular type of visual documentation.

Faster Claims Processing – The overall claims process is expedited due to the nature of using quality camera technology to capture and document interior damages. Reaching a settlement agreement as well as providing gatekeepers any requests for proof of the extent of damage is easier when using Matterport technology.

Convenient, Contactless Alternative – In our world today, it is more common to work from all parts of the world and handle matters online instead of in person. Matterport 3D scanning technology is an easy and convenient way to share information and keep the process running smoothly without needing to be in the same physical location.

Shows Interior Room Arrangements and Items – These 3D images are tremendously helpful when packing a room and eventually putting it back together. Scanning a home or office beforehand captures where all the furniture and items were located. You’ll be able to analyze what you had and ensure everything is accounted for.

SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. Advocates Only for the Insured’s Benefit

SunPoint Public Adjusters, Inc. (“SunPoint”) is the “Gold Standard” of the Public Adjusting industry. We comprehensively review and evaluate your insurance settlement, immediately deploy a team of specialists to assess and quantify your damages, and customize a strategy around your personal recovery to promptly and properly maximize the resolution of your claim.

Our in-house experts and external veteran professionals are experienced in quantifying and negotiating building, personal property, inventory, or other additional coverages. We work solely on your behalf to favorably resolve your claim. Our team ensures your insurance company does not delay, diminish, or deny benefits that are rightfully owed to you. Industry authorities agree that having a public adjuster like SunPoint on your side early in the process expedites and maximizes your recovery.

Policyholders have been benefiting from our knowledge and advocacy for decades. We have handled, managed, and successfully navigated claims ranging from homeowner losses; corporate losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars; disaster losses involving government entities and entire municipalities; agricultural and recall losses, and virtually any type of disaster claim that could be imagined.

Our team of Public Adjusters, building cost consultants, inventory specialists, forensic accountants, and equipment consultants are unmatched in our industry. It is easy to be big. But it takes dedication every day to be the best – we have that dedication. Our goal is aligned with yours. To obtain a free insurance settlement assessment of your specific circumstances and recovery please contact us and strategize your optimal means of recovery.